WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature rolled out for all, Check This out

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WhatsApp has always been giving the users amazing features and updates. It has increased the number of people in video calls, permanently delete of messages, story features, and many more. Earlier this month it has also launched an new and amazing feature. This is the disappearance of messages. Now, this feature is available to each and every users either Android user or iPhone user and web as well. This feature allows the messages to disappear. But this can be done only when in the chats options thus feature is enabled. The time limit is of seven days for the message to disappear in chats. However, this also works in the WhatsApp groups but only the admin has the ability to use this feature in the groups. It works on both sides of users of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature ?

  1. The users must have installed the latest version of WhatsApp
  2. When you open the contact information on the chat where you want to on this option.
  3. Next there you will fin the option for Disappearing message
  4. Now turn it on. As this is set on default
  5. Later you will see that the messages will disappear automatically after seven days.

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Disadvantages of whatsapp Disappearing Messages feature

Not each and every feature of the WhatsApp is beneficial in every sense. If you have on this feature then it could happen that other person could disable this feature. Even you get the notification regarding the disappearance of the messages. Also after seven days when the messages disappear but if some other person has not opened your chat yet they will able to see the message. This seems to be the biggest disadvantage of this feature. Also the quoted message are visible even after seven days. The forwarded messages are also visible even when they were disappeared from the original chat. So only the person with this feature is tuned on cannot be able to see the disappeared message and other could see it easily. However, this feature seems to be liked by most of the people but many users of the application might not like this feature. It depends on person to person to turn this feature on.


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