Belkin has announced the TrueFreedom Pro wireless charger and a UV Sanitizer wireless charger

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Belkin is a company which is well known for its charging accessories. This company always has some amazing ideas in context of charging devices. This time the company has unveiled two new products. These products are the Boost Charge True Freedom Pro Wireless Charger and the Boost Charge UV Sanitizer. These devices have amazing features and specifications as well. However, such devices are surely loved by the users in the market. When it comes to the price the Belkin Boost Charge True Freedom Pro Wireless Charger costs for $129.99 which we can say around Rs 9,600 whereas Belkin Boost Charge UV Sanitizer will be priced for around $79.99 which is roughly for Rs 5,900. The users can buy these accesories from the original Belkin website. However, this device will be available in the market soon.

BelkinBelkin Boost Charge True Freedom Pro Wireless Charger Features

  1. This remote charger has the capacity of 10W charging
  2. This accesory offers full surface charging
  3. It is Qi certified. This provides safe, reliable charging
  4. It even has the seamless compatibility
  5. It has 16 charging coils
  6. It has two LED lights which indicates the charging status of the device
  7. It is designed with silver chrome accents
  8. It even has the leather like finish
  9. It is lightweight case for charging which is around 3mm in thickness
  10. This offers effective and consistent charge to the devices
  11. This could Charge Apple, Samsung and various other devices simultaneously.
  12. This device could Charge compatible phones and earbuds both at the same time.

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Belkin Boost Charge UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger Features

  1. This device helps the users in sanitising their keys, cards, and phones
  2. The sanitizing could be done with the wireless charging a device
  3. This helps in removing up to 99.99% bacteria with dual UV-C LED lights
  4. The users could charge their devices when the UV Sanitizer and wireless charger is closed.
  5. It could charge the device up to 10W
  6. Just by pushing the button the devices get sanitized
  7. This could charge the devices like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and many more

These devices are amazing. The features of the accessories and the prices go hand in hand.


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